Love in black and white

March 22, 2010

I decided to respond by portraying a different kind of “love in black and white” — that between mother and child. And I had access to two terrific and willing models. Actually, one would probably have been even more willing if she hadn’t been teething today. Thank you to patient mum and the wee patient.


2 Responses to “Love in black and white”

  1. Patrick said

    A beautiful natural shot Alan. I particularly like the light on the little girls hair and skin and her mother’s hand – all these look almost translucent. The only suggestion I’d make (shall I make one? Oh alright then, even though you were kind enough not to point out how appalling the portrait of my colleague reading a letter truly is) is that there is a slightly distracting area that looks slightly burnt out on the mother’s nose – maybe clone that out somehow? Overall though, bravo!

  2. alanbulley said

    Thanks, Patrick. I’m really pleased with it, especially since it features Daughter #1 and Grandchild #1. Your comment about the highlight is right on the nose (badum-bum). The JPEG is not great, but the RAW file has enough latitude that I could fix this without too much effort. If I was going to print the shot, I’d go back and work on the file a bit more.

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