Love in Black and White

March 18, 2010


5 Responses to “Love in Black and White”

  1. Patrick said

    If you get horrible bands across the image when you click on it, try clicking on it again so that it enlarges, then click so ensmalls again – on my (increasingly disappointing) Mac this works such that the bands disappear.

  2. alanbulley said

    No bands seen here. Could the problem be on your Mac?

  3. Patrick said

    Could well be the Mac Alan – I wish I’d never bought it!

  4. Patrick said

    Oh and I should add, this was taken in a theatre beneath Leicester Square where the company Ruby in the Dust were putting on a production based on Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I was there with a couple of other photographers as part of a shoot designed to produce some pictures for both publicity and reviews in the press. I loved being there – the people and sets were beautiful, and the whole thing went like a dream (though what separated me from the professionals apart, perhaps, from the results, was the fact that they didn’t have to keep swapping lenses as we went along – fast zooms were clearly the order of the day). The actors were great to work with – cooperative, patient and fun. All in all the best photography job I’ve had to date.

  5. alanbulley said

    That sounds like a blast, Patrick. How did you manage to land that gig? I’ll have to ask my wife to take me along the next time she is involved with set design for one of the local companies — it looks like a lot of fun and a great opportunity to help build a photographic portfolio.

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