UK in Canada 1 — Symbols

February 14, 2010

Given Canada’s colonial history and patterns of early immigration, it’s not surprising that symbols of monarchy and British identity are everywhere. This is as true at the micro level — a stone lion honouring George VI on a street  corner in downtown Ottawa, for example — as it is at the macro level on maps covered in the names of explorers, soldiers, merchants and settlers from the British Isles. Our Parliament, not far from the concrete cat, bears more than a passing resemblance to its Westminster mother in tradition and daily business. And unless Canada’s tiny republican community multiplies manyfold, we will continue to share our monarch with the UK.


2 Responses to “UK in Canada 1 — Symbols”

  1. Patrick said

    Have you given this some sort of PS treatment Alan? I like the hue it has and you have captured the texture well. Sorry not to have posted myself – I’m a bit dissatisfied with the efforts I’ve made so far, but as time is marching on I will put them up in due course anyway.

  2. alanbulley said

    Yes, I used the trial version of PS Elements to apply a light sepia tone and a “brushstrokes” effect. I liked the lion well enough, but wanted to give him a slightly aged feel to go with his George VI vintage.

    As far as your shots go, I wouldn’t worry about it. The two of us have taken this long to post anything, so another little while is not going to matter. I’m sure they’ll be great.

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