Challenge 4 — Canada/UK

December 12, 2009

I had a problem when considering what to throw Patrick’s way for a challenge this time. Usually, one idea comes to mind quite clearly and I have no difficulty settling on it. For challenge #4 I’ve had a number of ideas, any one of which would probably work. I’ll likely keep most of them in case the well runs dry later.

This time out, the challenge is to come up with three pictures that illustrate the theme “Canada in the UK / the UK in Canada.” Patrick will naturally do the first part and I’ll do the second. The condition is, however, that  neither of us can simply shoot three pictures of the same subject. Since the two of us live in capital cities there are some obvious targets, but we’ll want to portray them creatively rather than simply document them. Where desired and/or necessary, the images can be suggestive or symbolic, rather than literal.

So, how’s that, Patrick — does it work for you?


4 Responses to “Challenge 4 — Canada/UK”

  1. f1point8 said

    Excellent Alan, really excellent. This takes me out of my usual zone by quite a margin – I will begin research.

  2. f1point8 said

    Oh, and I like the logo – neat.

  3. alanbulley said

    Glad to hear you like the idea, Patrick. It seems to me that this might be the sort of brief you`d get to illustrate a magazine article or editorial piece.

  4. alanbulley said

    Oh, and the logo is courtesy of Wikipedia. I thought it would help to brighten up my dull block of text.

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