Picture in the style of a painter – A.J. Casson

December 6, 2009

I’m not happy about this image at all, but I’m well overdue for my response to this challenge, so here goes…

I took this on a recent business trip to Canada’s west coast where I had the opportunity to make a flying visit (literally and figuratively) to Whitehorse, Yukon. On the way there and the way back, I was able to visit Vancouver a little. I took this picture in Stanley Park, a beautiful oasis of green in the mondo condo that is now Vancouver. A former boss was good enough to drive me around and show me the sights, so I jumped out of her car at every picture-making opportunity. All in all, a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Much of Canada’s Pacific coast is breathtakingly beautiful and very different from what I’m used to seeing in my daily life (this is a very big country). A lot of the scenes I saw reminded me of paintings by the Group of Seven, and this shot particularly reminded me of a darkened version of a work by A.J. Casson, a member of the Group.

I’ll need to think of what challenge to launch Patrick’s way. I’ve got a couple of ideas and will make a decision shortly.


3 Responses to “Picture in the style of a painter – A.J. Casson”

  1. Patrick said

    Hi Alan, very nice pic, particularly as it takes me back to my favourite part of the world. I know Stanley Park a little – I remember the first time I went there I was amazed to see black squirrels for the first time. I spent hours sneaking up on them to take photos but they still looked the size of grains of sand in the finished prints (no digital back then). Then, after I put the camera away (an FM2 – I still have it and occasionally give it an outing), one the little beggars came straight over to me and climbed up my leg!
    Looking forward to the next challenge… nothing too daunting I hope??

  2. Patrick said

    Sorry, got carried away about the squirrels. Reasons for liking your pic? Well, the blue tones, the clouds and the contrast with the trees are all pleasing to the eye as, of course, is the subject matter…

  3. alanbulley said

    I think you`re being kind, but I`ll take it. πŸ˜‰

    No problem with the squirrels. I hear similar things on occasion from UK and US visitors about the colour of Canadian squirrels. I get the feeling we could be charging admission at the border.

    Canada’s west coast is beautiful, no question. As soon as I develop a cure for cancer or knock Bill Gates off his perch I’ll see if I can afford to live out there. In the meantime, you might give central and eastern Canada a shot.

    As for the FM2, I still have my FE2 but haven’t had it out of the bag for quite a while. Film has taken a complete backseat to digital for me. I have to suppress a smile when I read on Flickr accounts or photoblogs about (generally younger) people “getting into” film like they’ve discovered a new country, instead of the way photography was done by…ummm… everyone until just a few years ago. Yes… very edgy and avant-garde, that film stuff. πŸ˜‰

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