Picture in the Style of a Painter – Mondrian 2

November 23, 2009

So I sharpened this, boosted the colour as much as I could, and did a little curves work on it – do you reckon it still meets the criteria Alan? Not ‘shopped too much?

BTW, this is about the fifth picture I’ve put up on 5000k today – unlike some of the others, this one might stay.


2 Responses to “Picture in the Style of a Painter – Mondrian 2”

  1. alanbulley said

    I like the image a lot, but how close is it to Mondrian’s style? Everything I’ve seen by him is run strictly along right angles. Still, that may just show how little I actually know about that artist’s work.

    Let me see if I can answer your challenge this weekend…

  2. Patrick said

    You are right Alan, it isn’t close to his style. However, had he lived to 112 you have it on good authority (mine) that this is how his pictures would have looked by the time his technique had fully matured… đŸ™‚

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