Triptych — Called on the mat

November 7, 2009

And I should be called on the mat, considering how long it’s taken me to get my series of three macro abstracts up here on the blog.  The pace of work recently hasn’t left room for creative time or juices, so my response to this challenge has been very slow in coming. (Made all the worse by the fact that this challenge was my idea and Patrick has had his stuff up for some time.). Fortunately, he seems to be a patient guy and has cut me some slack.

All that said, I decided to go with something close to home and really liked the play of light on these placemats in our back room. Bright sunlight has been in short supply recently and there are strong hints that winter is on the way in the Ottawa Valley. Best to go with warmth, sidelighting and texture when they are close at hand.

Once I saw the three images side by side (simple as they are), I thought they might have a bit more impact if they were presented as a triptych. Being a pragmatic and energy-conscious person (self-justifying code for “lazy”), I decided to look for some freeware to do the job for me. Enter DipStych, a handy little program that allows you to line up multiple images vertically or horizontally, add borders, and change around the order of the images to your own liking. I liked the results and the price was right. I expect I’ll use it again at some point.

So, that’s me for this challenge. I just hope Patrick is still talking to me.


One Response to “Triptych — Called on the mat”

  1. Patrick said

    I like this / these Alan – very good indeed. Let me count the ways (!):
    1. Colour. Not way-out-there super saturated, and not obvious (red / blue / white etc) – subtle and unusual.
    2. Texture – (a) there is some; and (b) again, it is unusual.
    3. The way you have put them together – nice framing and I like the black line between the three distinct elements.
    So, overall, for me, a hit. I think you managed to stay with the brief rather better than I did too. Overall, very good job!

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