Patrick: Tryptich One

October 25, 2009

Macro 1 Well, here they are, my Tryptich in response to The Iceman’s 1st challenge. Not sure they are abstract enough or “macro” enough, if that makes sense. Anyway, the theme behind them is an idea I had that I would try and get across a sense of what it might be like in the British Museum for someone who has never been there. Thus, these were all taken there and represent not the choice of exhibits, but how the museum wants to represent itself through its furnishings and the materials of its construction.


One Response to “Patrick: Tryptich One”

  1. alanbulley said

    I like these close-ups, Patrick, and the way you’ve used them to draw attention to other aspects of a visit to the museum. The exhibits naturally command most of a visitor’s attention, but museums are often worthy of attention in their own right, as public buildings/spaces, as works of art and as artefacts of their time. Museum construction and design have changed a lot over the last century, away from more formal structures built to inspire awe for a reconstructed narrative of the past, toward open spaces intended to invite visitors to have the experience of discovery and to create understandings of their own.
    All that to say that your shots could evoke brief, quiet moments in the museum. So I like them.

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