In vane

October 13, 2009

Shot of weather vane with a figure of a bird above four coloured glass balls. Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow School of Art.

No portrait shots yet for this week’s challenge and I’ll be travelling on business for most of the week. Never mind — a number of coworkers will be along for the ride and I’ll probably be able to convince (coerce? blackmail?) one or more of them into making their mugs available. In the meantime, I’m hoping that this shot of a weather vane atop the Glasgow School of Art will keep the challenge police at bay.



One Response to “In vane”

  1. Patrick said

    What happened to the neighbour Alan – cried off at the last minute at the site of a camera? I hesitate to tell you this but I have my portrait in the bag (well, on the disc) and, having asked the woman who serves me my morning coffee every day, another one in the offing – not too bad for someone who baulks at most forms of human contact….

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