The ice man cometh…

October 12, 2009

I know it’s a bit dramatic for an introduction, but we did have frost overnight. I’m the Canadian half of 5000k and, like Patrick, I’m looking forward to getting my teeth in. The two of us met up on Flickr (I think I commented on one of his shots from Kew Gardens) and have swapped brief thoughts online since then. I’m hoping this little venture helps improve our photographic vision and skills.

Patrick’s portrait challenge will be a good one for me because, although I’ve often thought of taking more people pictures and would like to get better at it, I rarely do. Now I have to. I’ve approached a neighbour about being my subject and while he agreed, he did so with a long, unconvincing “yesssss…” I’ll find out today what that meant in practical terms.



One Response to “The ice man cometh…”

  1. Patrick said

    Hi Alan welcome aboard. I too have a portrait subject now – hearing you had got someone so easily gave me new impetus and a work colleague has agreed (the lady in the coffee shop politely declined – ah well, you get that…). Let the shutters fire.

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